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I'm Melissa...


... A senior social media consultant from London. 


I'm completely obsessed with internet culture (quite handy considering my line of work).  In my spare time I can be found being utterly cliché, doom-scrolling while laughing at cat MEMEs, and being “that” person who shares too many TikTok’s in the WhatsApp group.

My little black book is a plethora of creativity for your next brief - everyone from innovators in AR and live streaming, through to drag queens, influencers, performers, DJs and club promoters.

When it comes to my work, I have a passion for creating consumer-insight driven content and social media strategies that speak to the right audience, on the right platform, in a format they want to engage with.

Innovation and exploration is a key interest point to me. I have a track history of working with disruptive formats (AR/VR, Live streaming, Social 1st video, Gamified content, Immmersive/experiential), as well as working with social media channels outside of just FB, IG and Twitter (e.g: TikTok, YT Shorts, Twitch, Pinterest, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, WhatsApp, FB Messenger etc).

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