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Lead Social Creative & Strategist

During my time at Pernod Ricard, Jameson Caskmates needed to develop a campaign ID for their new whiskey and make sure the Caskmates concept was easily grasped. They had tried to launch this as a proposition twice before and failed both times.

Through social listening I pinpointed three key audiences to focus our efforts on (Bourbon Nerds, Craft Beer Drinkers and our Jameson Lads). And found a common bond between all three. We also determined two key emotions to drive our assets: fear & humour.

Folklore story’s became the mutual link and talking point, in the month of launch (September & October). Coupled with the bottle itself having the  lake monster on it.

We then split the campaign into several stages: 

  • Release of Key Visuals

  • Storytelling on social

  • Influencer outreach

  • Launch Event + PR

  • Chat Bot (competition)

  • Serve content

  • Retargeting


We created a series of ‘choose your own adventure’ style forklore animations across social channels, evoking the spirit of an old camp fire folklore tale, offering different audiences alternative endings to each film.  


Each post was also crafted with different copy to speak to the different audiences and we A/B tested our fear and humour emotions here too. This stage was all about using seeding out the new design and spark interest with the audiences we have discovered in the social listening.


We worked with drinks influencers (from the craft beer and whiskey categories) to create buzz and content and we also invited them to attend the launch event.  

I tasked The Craft Diaries with creating a 3 tile illustration showing thetransformative relationship between Jameson Caskmates andFourpure’s Shapeshifter IPA.​


For the drink launch event I worked with a digital designer to execute an AR beermat which when scanned showed the monster coming alive.  Influencers and attendees shared this all across social.

We also included branded GIPHY stickers to be used across social with amazing results…


A supporting chat bot ran across Facebook messenger during Halloween - with a longer form version of the social stories.


The ‘fright bot’ challenged users to navigate their way through their chosen folklore tale in a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style tale that we knew the audience would enjoy. Choose the right path for a chance to win prizes, choose the wrong one to be devoured by the monster!

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