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Lead Social Creative & Strategist

When PRUK won the Glastonbury contract (meaning only their drinks would be served at the festival) we were tasked with a tricky creative challenge...


“We need to target Glastonbury go-ers in a cross channel, cross-portfolio campaign BUT we can’t mention Glastonbury at all and we only have budget to reach actual Glastonbury attendees”

Cue an innovative campaign working with media partner Captify.  We targeted people who had been searching out Glastonbury content in the past year. The activity promoted key brands: Absolut, Jameson and Beefeater. 

We had 3 stages in lead up to festival: Festival creative while people are getting in the mood, RTD creative at stage when they are buying things on-line, 3rd serve led creative – served to them via geo-targeting while they are at the festival.The copy & creative had to be very clever in order to work with the strict constraints set to us by the festival.


We also created versions to be released depending on the weather (rain, very hot etc).

Phase 1: Hype about festival/tickets

Phase 2: Planning Phase

Phase 3: At the festival - Serve/weather led

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