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Innovation | Live Streaming | Platform Expertise


Lead Social Creative & Strategist


By working with their existing campaign ‘Live a little’ I worked with creative & production teams to come up with the idea to turn mundane and boring places into the playground for games.

Carpark Poker was the “biggest" poker game ever live-streamed over Facebook. We took control of an actual carpark and drove actual cars over huge playing cards, all while streaming live over an hour and a half.

The audience had to comment when they saw the best card hand on-screen. We also had mini-games running over the top of the live stream in the form of skins (so a quiz: spot the person with the blue umbrella etc and reaction based games).


The campaign was launched with three films that explained the art of poker in the established Virgin Games / Wes Anderson look. We were even able to use Virgin’s notoriously bored Vampire Vlad to add more humour to the films.

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