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Influencer & Talent | AR | Video Production | Innovative Formats


Senior Social Creative, Strategist, Producer, Talent Management

For the Amazon Sports Fashion Spring campaign, we were asked to uphold Amazon as the go-to, affordable sportswear destination for Gen-Z. Amazon wanted this new target audience to feel that they can easily adapt their style and fashion to work on and off the pitch, helping them go from Sport To Street while feeling always like their authentic self.  

Our #SportToStreet campaign was all about showing off talent in their Amazon Sports looks - multiple outfits of the same brand but styled for both sport and street. This campaign was to showcase talent and athleisure looks in a playful but fashionable credible way.  The Insight: “Gen Z is attracted to sportswear because its aim is to make the wearer feel unrestricted”

The campaign comprised of 4 sportswear brands, 20 influencers and 50-60 pieces of content to be posted on talent/creator AFEIU and brand partner channels over a 3 months period. We also experimented with a "Branded Mission" campaign on Tiktok.


The content was broken down into 4 stages:

  • Tiktok Hacks videos

  • Branded Mission on Tiktok (using a branded effect)

  • The shoot (content then posted on TT and IG)

  • Virtual Try on (Tiktok)

There was also a dedicated Landing page element on the Amazon site for the project, plus a PR element with feature about the ccmpaign/shoot talent being featured s in Glamour and Stylist, amongst others.


In the New Year, Tiktok users will be searching for tips and tricks for all things sporty, I worked with 8 selected creators to have them self shoot sports and lifestyle hacks ft. Amazon Fashion Brands. 


Using our custom #SportToStreet Branded Effect we worked with 4 Tier 1 creators to self shoot content that showcased sports pieces that can take you from the pitch to the pub or court to the club, as part of our challenge. The Branded Mission was then opened up to all Tiktok creators with over 1k followers to create their own.


 The 'Editorial' video edit

Shoppable Carousels

The 'Lo-Fi' video edit

Behind the Scenes


To bring awareness to the Amazon Fashion Virtual Shoe Try-On (VTO), which is truly more fun and easier than trying on hundreds of real trainers, we worked with 4 talent to create educational, clear and entertaining TikTok videos that show your audience exactly why this is a great piece of technology! 

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